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Jobs In Leicester For Students

Kathryn Said:

Does C4's Dispatches reveal why the UK can't afford an immigration cap on skilled workers?

We Answered:

It reveals why honest British businesses have been priced out of the market by unscrupulous foreigners. If the government genuinely want British people to get back to work, they need to crack down hard on people employing illegal immigrants.

There's not a single white taxi driver in my town anymore, they simply can't match the prices offered by Pakistani firms. If they knew they'd be deported for employing illegals, the practice would stop over night.

Instead they're given a fine, which they avoid paying by transferring the business into the name of another family member, and carry on as usual.

Douglas Said:

Can doing an illustration degree get me a job in game art?

We Answered:

Selina, nothing is guaranteed in this world and whatever degree you go for there may not be the specific job that you want at the end of it so keep an open mind and don't tie yourself down to anything too specific. You say you are a traditional artist, drawing animals and creatures in great detail, so you obviously have technical skill and imagination. These are the qualities that many employers are looking for as other things can be taught but these cannot. Look for a course that allows you to develop your strengths and that does not narrow down your possibilities. Maybe your tutor is right.

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