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Jobs In London For Students

Max Said:

I am Italian is very difficult to get jobs in london?

We Answered:

At the moment it's difficult to get a job because of the recession and people getting there jobs cut. I'm sure if you looked hard enough e.g. in papers/online you'd be able to find a job somewhere... :-)

Debbie Said:

part time jobs in london?

We Answered:

well.. tell us where are you from and where are you studying your MBA programe and kind of job are u looking for.
I have plans to start an MBA this september and i have been wondered how can i get a part time job there.

On the other hand we have to be realistic, we can t apply for managerial jobs , we are students and part time office jobs for postgraduate students are limited, we have not to give up, but is better being down to earth student , our chance to get a god job will arrive after the graduation.

I would like to know how the things goes for you . Do u mind if we start to keep in touch?

Helen Said:

Are there good websites for part time jobs in London?

We Answered:

Anne Said:

Where can I find a part-time chinese mandarin translating jobs in London?

We Answered:

Look on the internet key in - translation mandarin - to find translation services then contact and ask if they are recruiting.
Here's one:…
I also found one jobs here keying in Mandorin
So trawling the job sites would be a good idea too. Good luck.

Tonya Said:

Anyone know of any minimium wage jobs for a student in london?

We Answered:

Minmum Wage should range around 5-8 Pounds

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