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Jobs In London Ontario For Students

Elaine Said:

i'm looking for a summer job in London Ontario, anyone interested?

We Answered:

Sorry that I cannot help. Try this site.

Barry Said:

Can anyone help me? Do i have a mental disorder?

We Answered:

You definitely have AD HD, you need to get to the psychiatrist right away and get some medication to help you concentrate and sit still.It will also help mellow out your temper.Theres no "getting an act together" it's you need medication or it won't get any better.

Stacey Said:

I need legal help :(?

We Answered:

I know in America they cannot fire you if you have a medical condition and are taking treatment for it. That is, if they want to fire you for what you are on treatment for. It is illegal for them to fire you for that same condition.
Not sure what the rights are in Canada, but here they don't have to have an excuse to fire you, but if they know you have a probelm then they can't fire you.
Not sure if this helps, maybe you can get a free consultation with a lawyer there like we do here.

Joann Said:

What is the situation outside the United States, particularly the rest of the Western World?

We Answered:

I like Canada, too, as a place to visit. The scenery is nice and the people are friendly. But, believe me, Canada isn't a perfect place, either. They have their fair share of "empty headed fools" who are also uneducated and uncultured; name one country that doesn't have! And Canada also has a large corporate interests, so don't be surprised when you see it up there. Maybe subscribe to some Canadian newspapers online and read about their troubles before you make up your mind. The only difference between the corruption in the US and in Canada is the scale; since their population is so much smaller than ours, their corruption just seems smaller.

I am sorry to read that, instead of staying in the nation of your birth, you seem to be opting out of trying to help it and go to another country to live. Why don't you stick around to help and see the USA improve? We could certainly use more optimists, not pessimists who want to run up to Canada. Just curious.

What specialized education do you have or are you planning to get? As you mentioned, Canada's job market IS sparse so they would certainly welcome anyone with outstanding qualifications that a Canadian citizen may not have. Are you planning to contribute to their society or will you be, in a few years, whining about Canada and asking about other places in the world to move to??

Think it over. Maybe go up to Canada for a few months to check it out for yourself. Nothing like living in another country for a short time to see if you want to make it permanent.

Good luck. Bon Chance.

Willie Said:

Help..I failed my first year in university and need a advice! (Canada)?

We Answered:

Work a year and you will see why you need school.

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