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Jobs In London

Kathy Said:

How do i get into top finace jobs in london?

We Answered:

I would advise looking into the ACA and ACCA. These are professional qualifications that you will need to be a qualified accountant. At college level start with AAT, and this leads to the ACA. ACA's in London earn 40k plus. If possible, do the AAT instead of your diploma, as this directly relates to work. However, the diploma will give you a good grounding if you are too young to start AAT.

I have my ACA, its hard work, but a good entry to finance, and a stepping stone to more. Good luck.

Jason Said:

How do you best look for jobs in London?

We Answered:

perhaps look on websites:

Google: Jobs in London

Erica Said:

Is it hard for Black Americans to get service type jobs in London?

We Answered:

Please don't give up..!!!
i don't think its anything to do with being an American or black..
I am a white brit and have lived in London my whole life..It took me a whole 6 months last year to find a perm job which then ended in March and I am still looking now for another perm job..
The best bet is to register with a lot or agencies and temp your butt off lol the job climate has changed a lot and I find that a lot of co's are not interested in long term perm people...they like the words temp to perm and extended probationary periods on top of name it ive done it...
I have worked since 18 and am now 25 and things have got worse lol b4 it was because I didn't have enough experience and now its cos I have too much!! lol
please don't give your agencies every day every week and get your name known.
Best of luck!!

James Said:

How difficult is it to find now language jobs in London?

We Answered:

Je ne sais pas

or perhaps I should say

Ich weiß es wirklich nicht.


Edna Said:

What are the most common jobs in london?

We Answered:

being a joiner, plumber, handy man electrician, lawyer, judge and aristocrat

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