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Jobs In Ottawa For Students

Robin Said:

On Leaving The Nest, how do I tell my mom I want to study abroad?

We Answered:

I think you have got a very tough decision to make, but there are solutions;

1) break up with your boyfriend : a difficult thing to do, but if your relationship doesn't last then, well, you've moved to Canada for a reason that isn't there any more.

2) talk things through with your mum, just say "mum, we need to talk" in a soft voice and i am sure that she will listen

3) if solution 2 doesn't work you could always ignore her and just go, leave a message that she'll find later and she will be upset, but it is a good way to get away with your boyfriend and just live.

4) Ask your boyfriend to move to the states with you because by the sound of your question description your hard-working and are already very busy with school work.

5) ignore solution 4 and stay or leave, but ultimately, it is your decision and nobody can change that.

Leroy Said:

What to do for first valentines day, on tight budget?

We Answered:

Flowers, Cologne/Perfume, I know, very obvious gift, but it is definitely one of the most popular gifts of Valentine's Day.

Try, you can find all unique and special gifts from all popular stores at one place that suits your budget best -…

Victoria Said:

What does a maid make?

We Answered:

beds and tips.

Bernard Said:

I need ideas for what type of job to get?!?!?

We Answered:

You should be able to get a better job than a gas station.

Here, check it out:

Search resultsOntario Employers in Ottawa - Ontario Canada Jobs & Employment
Ottawa City employers in our Ontario Employer Directory. ... Ontario Employers " City " Ottawa. Jobs by Industry. Jobs by Position. Jobs by City ...

If you want dishwasher/ gas stations...key word this with the desired location you want to work, and then contact the business direclty.…

Jobs In Canada: Ontario: Ottawa: Employment Agencies
Ottawa Employment Agencies, Recruiters, Head-hunters & Temp Agencies. ... Employment Agencies. Home > Ontario > Ottawa > Employment Agencies. Links ...… Ontario Jobs & Employment
Database of recruiters and employers, resume submissions, and placements available in Ontario.

Jobs with the City
Ottawa Public Health Recruitment. Job Inventory. Paramedic Recruitment. Part-time Jobs in Recreation and Culture. Summer Student Employment Program ...…

Try using some good keywords, then Yahoo it. I sure you can do better than a gas station.

Heather Said:

Computer Science or Computer/Electrical Engineering in University?

We Answered:

I'm doing Computer Science at the moment, and I pretty much love it.
The great thing about Computer Science is that it is now everywhere:
Into education? You might like to build Virtual Learning enviroments or educational software.
Like Maths? There are hundreds of applications of maths and engineering that computers are calculating as we read. Internet Junkie? The semantic web is about to take off, and those in the driving seats are in for a wild ride.
Hardcore Gamer? Programming games is a rewarding job, that lets you excersise your creativity and artistic talent.
Biology buff? There is a whole lot of research into biology inspired computing and making new devices that mimic natures marvels.
Medicine? What do you think runs CT scans if not software? There are tons of medical simulators out there too.

I could go on, but what ever your passion is, computing is almost certainly there.

Dora Said:

Istn't it a good thing that Canadians in general are good natured?

We Answered:

You're right about one thing. When two years ago, the MTA here in New York tried to pull this one off, people got really pissed and went on the streets ! People like you and me, who don't have a car and rely on public transportation ! I hate Unions, period. They aren't really helping the workers here or anywhere. Schools are paralyzed with parasite teachers who go "by the curriculum of Idiots" and Schools can't just "fire a teacher, because she cries in the corridor of the school because her 5th graders drove her insane". How about those students who are good? Who want to learn? They are left behind because Bush implemented the so called "no child left behind" program into Public Schools. It is very unfortunate what is happening in Ottawa but only "the crowd, the people protesting" could make a difference ! I hope, these issues in Canada can be resolved as soon as possible and I also hope, this experience, can bring some sort of "solidarity" between citizens !!!!!!!!!!!!

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