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Jobs In San Antonio For College Students

Tim Said:

airport jobs at san antonio airport?

We Answered:

Go to their site

Billie Said:

lookin for a job in San Antonio?

We Answered:

Okay here it is. Go to this web site;
Click on "Register As Job Seeker"
Fill in all the necessary info such as desired job,desired pay,education level and past job history. As you go,you're building a resume.
Do you want full time,or part time?
After each job listed,include a small sentence or two describing your duties while at that job.
List any and all certification ,diplomas,degrees,
as well and what your specialtiy(ies) is/are. For now just list your California address,but when you come to San Antonio,change it.

Joan Said:

College student considering moving to Texas. Is it affordable? What are the best towns?

We Answered:

I agree, it really depends on what college you want to go to, or at least what your major is. Just a word of warning'll be paying out of state tuition for a year if you start school immediately after moving here. For some folks, it's not that big of a deal, but for others it is.

Personally, I attended and graduated from Texas A&M. It is a great school. College Station is a pretty conservative college town, which was a huge plus for me. The only downside of CS is that it is humid and hot. I had roommates in a house when i lived there...and paid about $350/mo plus a fraction of the bills.

San Antonio is ok I guess, but I think you'll be in for a culture shock from Minnesota. Austin is a very liberal city, Houston is big and congested. The DFW area is nice, but the cost of living is more.

Joel Said:

I need to find a job in San Antonio tx. Help please.?

We Answered:

Sorry, without a SSN, you are not going to get a legal job.

Marilyn Said:

What is the perfect part time job in san antonio, tx for a full time college student? $10+/hr, flex hours...?

We Answered:

Sell used books on Amazon.

Jonathan Said:

will it cost to move from San antonio to austin when you are in college and looking for a part- time job only?

We Answered:

Austin is likely more expensive that San Antonio. Most people moving here from other parts of Texas are surprised at the cost of living. Remember that this is a college town and a boom town, so rent tends to be high.

UT is not free. It is still inexpensive compared to many other state universities around the country, but it will cost you 10K a year when you consider tuition, fees, books, and room/board. More if you live lashishly.

My suggestions:
- Drive up to Austin and look around. Get to know the town a little. Perhaps, try to find someone who lives here, preferably a UT student, to show you around (check with UT to see if they can facilitate this).

- Use apartment locators and the Austin papers to see what rent will cost. Look at some places, even if you are not ready to rent yet. Look for a roommate if possible. Also remember that you don't have to live within walking distance from the university, UT shuttle busses go throughout the city and the Capital Metro bus system is free for UT students.

- Get some job experience, it is always easier to find a job if you already have one. Part time jobs aren't going to pay much, so trying everything you can to get a better than minimum wage is well worth it. Also, remember that if you can live close to where you work, it will make live easier.

- The other answerer makes a good point that loans are the least desirable way to pay for college. I am 10 years out of college and still paying them. Look for grants, scholarships, and work/study programs, anything to avoid racking up that loan balance.

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