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Jobs In Tallahassee For College Students

Aaron Said:

i need a car (only serious answers please)?

We Answered:

handas last forever and whatever u do DONT GET THE SMART CAR lol trust me...

Albert Said:

Really broke COLLEGE STUDENT with no help?

We Answered:

Get off the computer and look harder - or sell some of your stuff on ebay

Maxine Said:

Really broke COLLEGE STUDENT with no help?

We Answered:

find out where colleagues from your school find work... i found a internet support line job in college through some fraternity brothers, and almost everyone who worked there was a student.

Chester Said:

Overprotective parents?

We Answered:

a psychologist sounds like a good idea. Your parents obviously love you, don't forget that.- Its just the way the project that love that's wrong. You should definitely explore your options. There may be a counselor, psychologist, or therapist at your school who you can talk to, I would look into that.
But you may want to consider something else. You're 20 years old, you're a college student-- can you work part time and support yourself? This may be possible if you roommate. As long as you live with your mom and dad, they will be your mom and dad -and you will be their "baby."
Of course the best way to fix any problem is to talk it out. Tell them how you feel. Talk to them -not AT them. So no yelling(even if you really really want to). This will just turn into a yelling match and you'll just get angrier and nothing will get accomplished. Instead, just be honest. Say "when you do [_____], it makes me feel like you don't respect me as a young adult. Ive never done anything to disappoint you and I don't plan on it. You raised me better than that- so I think i deserve a little more trust." Be sure not to hurt them.
Remember, its really really hard for parents to see their children growing up and moving on and not needing them anymore. When I went through a similar situation with my mom, I said "its not that i dont need you anymore, I just need you in a different way now. I need you to be my friend now, -not my bodyguard- and help me become a good adult." It worked for me. I mean, we still have our moments, but she tries.

But you should consider living on your own. Just remember that if you do move out, leave peacefully-not because you were angry. Try to maintain a good relationship with them. Theyll always be there for you. Whatever you do, dont jeapordize your relationship with them. Sounds like theyd do anything for you.

I hope things work out for you.

Johnny Said:

When should I move to Tallahassee?

We Answered:

This website may be a good place to start and get ideas. Usually its more difficult to find jobs when everyone is in town for college. It would probably be easier in the summer before all the college students are there. Also check out and see what you can find.Good Luck!

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