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Jobs In Toronto For Students

Cathy Said:

Is denturism better than dental hygiene?

We Answered:

With the downturn in the economy more people are likely to prefer dentures over crowns and bridges.

So, there will be more scopes for the Denturists.

You mentioned the salary will be higher as well compared to that of a hygienist.

Hygienists also develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome very easily.

Make sure once you become a Denturist (if you do become one) you always use masks and gloves.

The chemicals and debris will result in lung conditions if you are not serious enough.

Good luck !!

Nicole Said:

Toronto job for very attractive girl? Need to make GOOD money FAST.?

We Answered:

Since you're so "good-looking" why aren't you a model then? Look on job sites like everyone else, jeez.

Annie Said:

Can anyone help me to find a job/paid internship in social work in Toronto?

We Answered:

I would recommend looking into community organizations such as shelters, or agencies that specialize with children - such as the Children's Aid Society - they tend to take on recent graduates.

The fact that you are trilingual is of benefit to you. Try some of these sites for names of agencies that you could contact.……

One more thing - don't get discouraged by negative comments - yes there is a recession, however there are jobs to be had and companies are still hiring. Social work is an occupation that is of demand, especially in these times, so don't dismay. Good luck with your job search!

Stephanie Said:

I'm a student and I need a job really really bad can anyone help?

We Answered: Its what I do and it's worked out pretty well. What you have to do is complete surveys and offers for companies that want the public's opinion. No payment from you is ever required, not to sign up, not EVER.

The sites don't get paid directly from you, but when you complete an offer or survey, they also get paid a small portion of what you earned yourself. For example, if you complete a survey about computers let's say, you would earn maybe $2 and the web site itself would recieve $0.50 from the company also for getting you to complete the survey. These surveys take little time at all, most taking up less than even 1 or 2 minutes of your time.

They don’t need any information other than your name, email address and your home address. Yup, that is all. No credit card information, no banking information, nothing like that. All they require is your name and address so that your cheque can be sent to your home every month.

Personally I have been a member of these websites, along with thousands of other satisfied users, for approximately 1.5 years now and have earned well over $8600 by working in my spare time. This web site has been great to me, also the members and administrator are very friendly, and are always there to help you with a question or problem you may be having. I give you my word that they pay.

please best answer me :)

Lester Said:

Attention all Toronto servers/ bartenders! need your expertise!?

We Answered:

you need to go to a bar/lounge for an older crowd - the Bier Market, Drake Hotel, Cheval, Fire and Ice, Soma - those are what I can think of for now - these are really busy places, upscale lounges - don't go the strip club route as they are demeaning, trust me I've been there done that!!!

Good luck!

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