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Jobs Part Time Uk

Stella Said:

Where Can I find part time jobs in UK?

We Answered:

Thanks for your question.

This - and lots of other information on London and the cost of visiting which you'll find very useful - is at… - produced by Alun Hill, MCIJ, a London Journalist.

There's also dozens of discount vouchers for free and reduced admissions and travel.

Feel free to use this site to get even more information - and do leave comments to help others, please.

Rodney Said:

Can Children of diplomats get part-time jobs in the UK?

We Answered:

I lived in Australia as the daughter of a diplomat and I worked. Check with the Embassy/Consulate there, they should easily be able to tell you.

Mike Said:

Can anyone recommend a really good UK website for finding part-time jobs?

We Answered:

Hi - I know what you mean about Monster and Totaljobs - they've got so many jobs but no specific part time section so you end up trawling through loads of irrelevant jobs!! I recently came across a job board that only advertises part time jobs - check it out at

Hope you find something suitable!

Ruben Said:

Is it easy to find part-time jobs in UK ?

We Answered:

There are loads of ways to do it
Jobcentre plus
Gumtree - i found my part time job here and it's a good'un

All cites have opportunities regardless of whether you are a uk citizen or not as long as all the correct documentation is in place employers will employ the best person for the job.

Stanley Said:

16 Year old's getting part time jobs (UK)?

We Answered:

Tesco, Asda, Morrisons etc. havn't really been affected by the credit crunch so far, in fact Morrisons have done rather well out of it! Theres no harm in sending an application in and seeing if they have a place to offer. If not then its no biggie.

Arthur Said:

Is it legal to have two part time jobs in the UK at the age of 16?

We Answered:

With you being 16 and now officially left school due to it being the end of the school year then yes you can have 2 part time jobs, as long as you pay any tax and NI that has to be paid.

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