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Jobs Summer Student

Jared Said:

Ideas for summer jobs for a student in Highschool?

We Answered:

1) Try to get a job at a chain like Starbucks. You get a raise every 6 months, good benefits, and free drinks. :) That's on top of a discount you get for the other stuff they sell.

2) Become a cashier at your local grocery store. You meet lots of people (some interesting, others not so much). This will teach you a lot about food, store marketing, and how to deal with all sorts of people.

3) Work at your local movie theater. This is a fun job because you're constantly interacting with people your age, and you learn what really goes on behind the concession stand. (Some theaters give employees free movie tickets for being on time :).)

All in all, pick a job where you'll have the least amount of stress and the possibility of a good time. You're about to be a junior, and you need to focus your energy on getting good grades and a decent SAT score. If you land a job that's fun, time will go by faster, and it can help relieve you of stress.

Happy job hunting!

Vickie Said:

Summer Jobs? Full time student, odd hours, need work June and July?

We Answered:

Work at the San Diego County Fair at the weekends. Lots of different jobs, some let you work just Friday-Sunday and most pay 9 bucks or more per hour.

Adrian Said:

what are the suggested summer jobs for a highschool graduate student?

We Answered:

I assume you have already done a web search on "high school summer intern" and added some location geographic information (e.g. Boston or GA)

You should look into the Government Intern programs. We hired some high school students last summer. The problem is you should apply early. I know that one organization was talking about extending their deadline until Mar 15. You might need to apply in Jan or Feb for some of there programs.

The USDA progam does not really apply but it may in two years and I thought it would have been cool job.

Tamara Said:

Anyone know any student summer jobs?

We Answered:

World challenge does some amazing programmes all over the world, you have to pay quite a bit to go but the money goes towards what you're doing, e.g. a building project in Africa, or conservation project in South America etc.
I don't know about any paid jobs though.

Oh and another person mentioned camp america, a couple of my friends have gone and said it was a fantastic experience.

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That is very good idea to take up a summer job in the summer holidays for any students can help him to know the work culture. But, here we must see that lower class students must be send to summer camps rather than going for job. Only higher class students who are above age restriction only must go to job.