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Jobs Summer Uk

Brett Said:

summer jobs uk =]?

We Answered:

You could try Alton towers. babysitting. working on a market stall a paper round, or weekend work in a cafe-waitress. Hope this helps

Kirk Said:

Where's the best place to start looking for summer jobs (in the UK, Essex) to secure one before the summer?

We Answered:

I'd say cafes, restaurants ect.. Hand your CV into ALL of them, your bound to get 1 reply atleast! Then i'd try around all shops like convience stores, card shops stuff like that. Do the same, get a good CV and put them around and see what happens.

Geraldine Said:

Summer Jobs? [UK Only- Worcester City?] HELP!!!!!!?

We Answered:

Your best bet would be just t walk in and ask. If the see you face to face then it is always better than just a voice in the phone

Usually clothes shops are on the look out for short term staff to cover the holidays of their normal staff.

Technically you can start the same day in some cases. However most reputable companies will want at least one interview to get an idea of you, your personality and your capabilities, especially dealing with customers. Also they will probably ask for references especially as you will deal with money.

Therefore don't be disappointed if it takes a week

Anyway, best of luck :0)

Wesley Said:

Best jobs during summer holiday in the UK for a 16 year old?

We Answered:

A lot of places won't offer accomodation to people under 18, but you should try hotel chains and holiday resorts. Pay is usually minimum wage, but at 16 minimum wage is 3.40 which is absolute shouldn't have to work for that if you have to support yourself too!!

Andrea Said:

Best place to look for residential summer camp jobs in the uk?

We Answered:

We don't do "summer camp" in the UK.

Shannon Said:

How could I go about finding a summer job in the UK?

We Answered:

I would avoid the cities and head for the coast. All the coastal resorts take on people for the summer, hotels, shops, arcades, burger stalls etc. Get hold of a magazine called Hotel and Caterer. It is very good for jobs. Another approach is to decide where you want to go and try the local job centres in the town, or the tourist office. Look at hotel websites, they will recruit for summer and often give you somewhere to live. At the end of the season when you have saved some money, then go to the cities.

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It is telling about students jobs in the summer season. In Uk they are giving a lot of jobs for the students to manage their financial situations and skill factory. Then everyone will be good in knowledge with all the interesting facts.

Jimmy said:

Plenty of summer jobs in the UK as there's lots of summer tours happening all over the country.