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Law Student Jobs

Eugene Said:

What kind of jobs can a 1st year Law student get?

We Answered:

Paralegal - there are variety of tasks to this position including legal research admin assistance, cout filing etc...

Kelly Said:

I'm a 2nd year law student, does anyone know of good jobs to pay off loans quickly? ie govt, etc?

We Answered:

Some government agencies will pay off student loans.

Student Loan Repayment:

Permits agencies to repay the student loans of Federal employees; used at the discretion of the agency.

Duane Said:

what are the jobs prospects for a student in economics and law?

We Answered:

In order to find legal employment doing what you want, you will probably need some sort of legal qualification. You may not need to complete an LLB though - some universities offer LLMs to people who have not completed an LLB and with your economics and law background it sounds as though you would be a good candidate for such a program.

Another option is to get into the field you want, but focus more on the commercial aspects of projects like the ones you describe rather than the legal. It sounds as though you would be perfectly suited for a job like that.

Charlie Said:

What jobs would be good for a law student?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Shawn Said:

i;m a final year law student.what kind of jobs can i look forward now?

We Answered:

As of this time, you can take a job as Paralegal, case researcher or legal researcher in a Law Firm


Lori Said:

Can anyone recommend a good job recruiter for a law student?

We Answered: - it has some law internship jobs, you should apply as a layer associate.

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