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Leeds Student Jobs

Brian Said:

Anyone know of any summer jobs in the Leeds area (I'm a student)? I'm finding it impossible to find anything!?

We Answered:

Summer jobs are sometimes hard to find because a lot of teens seek summer employment. I’d suggest that you visit this site:… You can find a listing of thousands of summer job listings for students. You can narrow down your search results by job title and location, so you may have some luck finding something in or around Leeds. As long as you tell your employer upfront that you need 3 weeks off in August, I wouldn’t think it would be a problem. Hope this helps!

Danny Said:

I have a job interview at Leeds Trinity Student's Union bar, what should i wear, and what can i expect?

We Answered:

Many peeps get stuck when they are attempting to decide what to wear at an interview. Myself I'm from the old school, I contend that formal wear is never wrong; you can get some tips and tricks from the resource in the box below, they also have loads of info on job hunting.

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