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Local Jobs In My Area

Ruth Said:

Best way to find a college grad job in my local area?

We Answered:

If the usual job websites aren't giving you any good ideas, how about trying a headhunter / employment agency? They usually have connections, interview you to determine fit and then shop your resume around with those employers.

You could also search for any medium to large sized companies in your area, and apply for jobs on their websites. The company that I work at accepts resumes on-line, and they are indeed considered for any relevant open roles.

Sometimes word of mouth works as well. So, for example, if you target a small accounting firm or medical office, phone them and say that you're looking for full time work, even if they don't have a role, sometimes they may be able to refer you to a colleague who has an opening.

It's a tough job market, so I wish you all the best. Good luck!!

Kathy Said:

I want a traveling job using my own tranportation in my local area. Are jobs like this available?

We Answered:

Large department stores
hire people to set up special
displays in their stores, for
sales and promotions. You
have to drive a lot. It's not a
hard job , you don't need any
special training.

Daniel Said:

where can i look for landscaping jobs in my local area?

We Answered:

Check on
You can also post an ad there telling people you are looking for work doing landscaping.
Unlike the evil craigslist.....listings on are actually for real!

Mark Said:

Should I apply for casting calls in my local area?

We Answered:

Self belief and applying yourself.

The first thing you should concentrate on is seeing your battle not based on the outcome but your victory in simply going to battle.

May sound a bit wanky but here's an example:
Today I was at my local market and their was a film crew filming a new cop show - totally didn't expect it. I don't have an agent at the moment, didn't have a resume or headshot with me but didn't want the opportunity to pass me by either. So I approached some crew who weren't busy and asked if it world be possible to speak with the ad (assistant director).
We chatted for a little while and I gave her my details I wrote down on the back of a card. She said she would pass my details on.

Whether she does or not is completely outside of my control - that doesn't matter I won by applying myself. Losing would have been walking away and living with "what if? If only".

DraMuse, here because you need it :)

Maurice Said:

Help finding a job in local area?

We Answered:


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