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Looking For Jobs

Darryl Said:

When do you I start looking for jobs in a different state?

We Answered:

Now - start now...

The value being, even if the employer can't wait this long, you get the interviews, resume writing and interviewing / speaking skills are very helpful.

Priscilla Said:

How do I report illegal people looking for jobs on visit visa in Dubai UAE?

We Answered:

to be in UAE on visit visa is nto illegal in itself .
to search for jobs while on visit in UAE is also not illegal .
to over stay the visit visa is illegal .
to work some where while on visit visa is illegal ,

if u know eactly their situation then u can do whats in the best interest of the society .

Tracy Said:

What is the best places for looking jobs in UK?

We Answered:

McDonald's its about the only future we have in Britain if we are out of work. All other jobs are either spoken for, the public sector jobs are being abolished and everywhere wants experience, which erm you can't get without experience. What a rosy future we do have!

Cindy Said:

After completing her undergraduate degree in business administration, Robin starts looking for a job. Robin re?

We Answered:

Robin is bound to the offer, if she accepts the job under those terms. She is free to give notice and quit.

During the interview she needs to have "balls enough" to nail them down to an exact Salary, as well as frequency of payment.

If this is a true case, and the interview is already completed, write them a letter stating that she "needs to know the exact salary, in dollars, before she can make a decision on the offer. You may mail your response to me at the following address." Now, you either get it in writing, or if they beat around the bush, you turn it down.

Shirley Said:

I am an experienced Executive Housekeeper , I have been looking for jobs for more than 1 year , I am from a sm?

We Answered:

There are no jobs in US or Europe. Pay attention to the news! Executive Housekeeper is not qualified for an employment visa most places due to lack of education, etc, and there are plenty of qualified citizens in these hard times. Stay in Mauritius and see if you can get a job in the tourism industry. If you are not in Mauritius, hurry up and get back there.

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