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Marks And Spencer Jobs

Erika Said:

marks and spencer job query?

We Answered:

If you make a good impression during your temporary contract and it's their practise to keep some temps on permanently after the Christmas rush, then you are going to be in a good position. A lot of companies do this, mine included. I started at my place of work as a Christmas temp almost 9 years ago! Good luck.

Bertha Said:

Marks and Spencer job interview tomorrow HELP PLZ?

We Answered:

Practice "up-selling" and difficult customer relations. Up-selling is basically accessorizing and encouraging the customer to spend more, but in a manner that leaves them feeling satisfied and wanting to come back and see you personally. Difficult customer relations is about objections and empathy. They're in a hurry. They're shopping for a spouse and they hate shopping. They're difficult and mean. Practice a specific response to these. Use your imagination, but bring it around to the up-sell.

Kristin Said:

marks and spencer job vacancies, where do I look?

We Answered:

marks and sparks normally advertise on round about sept time for xmas but they are a nightmare to get into i believe you have to get through two interviews/you could try e mailing their head office do a internet search for that.

Michael Said:

How do I get a job at Marks and Spencer?

We Answered:

Apply to your local store manager in writing or if you want a more important job try

Virginia Said:

Marks & Spencer have confirmed 1200 jobs will go and 27 stores will close?

We Answered:

Its kinda feels like the end of the world? i run a Logistics Firm and I have never seen it so bad [i am 28 years old]

no one has any work on - its frightening in England at the mo.

These are worrying times for us all [unless you work in a supermarket as we alll have to eat]

Jessie Said:

was wondering if any jobs available at new marks and spencer in ilkeston?

We Answered:

No all the shoplifters from Cotmanhay(sp?) have taken them. You are better off in McD's anyway, you get a shiney badge there!

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