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Need A Job

Shannon Said:

I need Job ideas. Im 15 and i need to make money to pay for my truck?

We Answered:

I used and it really helped me out alot with getting money.

Dawn Said:

What kind of job should I look for that uses my love of helping those in need?

We Answered:

You might consider a degree in public administration or public policy.

Or something like social worker or case management (for a nonprofit).

Or, you could go to and find charities all across the country that do the same thing you want to do and see what kind of jobs they typically hire for. You might not qualify for any of them now, but you'll know what kinds of jobs are available in general.

Thelma Said:

what training do i need to become a microbiologist to get the job?

We Answered:

My advice for you do not wast your time, get a degree from USA it will be easier to get a job. If you like to get a training look for volunteer job related to microbiology.

Mildred Said:

Do I need job experience along with my degree in order to get a job with it?

We Answered:

Experience is always useful.
But if you are studying full-time how are you going to get work experience?

If possible you could sound out you potential employer(s).
Otherwise apply for a job as soon as you get your degree.

Terrance Said:

I need job this summer but would love to meet some cute guys at the same time? Where should I work?

We Answered:

Cute guys are everywhere. Work somewhere you enjoy. The mall is a good place to start. An athletic store would be great or one of those stores that carries men and womens clothes such as uni-sex.

Robert Said:

I need to find a job.?

We Answered:

dude so dont waste your time on here and look for a job. apply all over. dont give up.

Discuss It!

Travel Pulau Pari said:

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Travel Pulau Pari said:

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mcvoice said:

Around 375,000 employees work in the branches of MC Donald’s. Andrew J. McKenna is the present Chairman and Steve Easterbrook is the President and CEO of the company.