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Newcastle Student Jobs

Anthony Said:

Tell me the cost of living please, In LONDON and NEWCASTLE?

We Answered:

It would definately be cheaper in Newcastle. I think that all in, you would be looking at roughly £200 a month to get by ok, whereas in London that would probably be closer to £400 because of the differences in Student accommodation rent fees (generally). If you can split the rent with a few others then this will make life a lot more easy for you.

As for part time jobs, best to look on some of the job search websites such as and look especially at call-centre jobs, because they're usually flexible hours to fit around university and the type of job is usually the best paid.

Good luck!

Lorraine Said:

Does anybody know of any part time jobs within the north east?

We Answered:

No matter where you live, or country there is always a need for merchandisers for retail products. Check job websites under merchandising. It's usually flexible part-time and it ranges from inflating balloons in store floral departments to greeting cards, umbrellas, video games, makeup. I quit full time marketing when my daughter was born and do this to keep my feet wet and make money. If you walk into a big box retailer almost everything is provided by a merchandiser and only restocked by the store staff. Your responsibilities involve making sure product is received, placed on the shelf properly according to the plan o gram, sometimes taking inventory and placing orders. I would recommend it for a college student again because of the ease and flexibility. Currently I merchandise sports cards and also hang stuff on the strips in grocery store aisles.

Diane Said:

what are the highlights of Newcastle?

We Answered:

Newcastle United! Toon Army!

Mario Said:

How is Newcastle life?is it rural ?what will be the prospects of getting part time jobs as an oversea student?

We Answered:


Newcastle has some of the best surfing beaches in NSW (Merewether, Bar Beach etc), so no def not rural. Around the beaches is fantastic, so relaxed and the people are really friendly. The more inland you go (particularly around the Uni), the more suburban it is.

Work is harder to find in Newcastle than Sydney, but as long as you're not too fussy there is alot of work in retail, hospitality etc.

Gene Said:

What would you like to ask?What has more demand in UK? (Tel me the scope of each in LONDON & NEWCASTLE)?

We Answered:

Hi there

I think I just answered this question.... check out your inbox :)

Victoria Said:

Can any UK adult nurses or student nurses please tell me what they love about their job and what they dislike?

We Answered:

As an ICU nurse qualified for 4 years I feel able to answer some of your questions. It may however be useful for you to work as an HCA for a period of time before starting your course to give you a feel for the job - and also see if you're up to dealing with the nitty gritty of nursing ie. getting your hands dirty. That way you can find out for yourself if nursing is for you.
In all honesty I find it hard to imagine another job where you are tested daily on an emotional, physical and intellectual level. This is good, but may also test you to the limits. Your personal relationships may suffer. It is worth bearing in mind that other students at uni will not be working a full 37.5 hour week, as well as studying a demanding course. You may resent this and it will certainly mean you will not be able to socialise as much! Your post grad options are really up to you, but you will need to undertake at least 2 years in a post before thinking about managerial or clinically advanced posts. Your earnings on qualifying are around £19,000, you will be a band 5 nurse, (or equivalent to a grade D in old terms).
Is it rewarding? Sometimes. But don't expect to come home every day in an aura of happiness! I would say it is equally rewarding and frustrating. You may find yourself surprised by peoples reactions to you as a nurse. Whilst the public may claim to love and respect their nurses, the reality is that when there is a problem with their healthcare it is the nurse in the front line when it comes to dealing with angry relatives and patients!
The responsibility is immense, but this is a double edged sword. Personally, I find it verifies my choice of career, and support when you need it is usually there. But do not underestimate the amount of responsibility you will have. Sometimes peoples lives are at stake, but always the quality of their experience may be determined by your actions and behaviour.
The shifts vary from 7.5 to 12.5 hours long. They are always hard on you physically, get some comfortable shoes!!!
The night shift is very diffferent to day, but this depends on the area in which you work. Either way there are less staff around, and you have to manage your work generally with less support around, certainly on the wards. In ICU the day is much the same as night in terms of workload. Contrary to popular belief patients DO NOT sleep all night, leaving you to read a book!!!
I would not encourage nursing as a career to any child of mine, but I would not actively discourage it either. At the end of the day, you need to experience nursing for yourself. It can be the best job in the world, but I would be lying if I said there would not be days where you will think it one of the worst.
Good luck!!!

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