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Nyc Jobs For College Students

Cecil Said:

How hard is it to live in NYC while working one minimum wage job and attending college?

We Answered:

Well people working at McDonalds in NYC on minimum wage usually have subsidized housing (low income) or they live with parents, family or roommates. To be honest, you really need to make at least 80K to live here on your own because even a studio apartment can run at least $800-900 a month. If you don't make 80K or more a year, the best thing to do is get a roommate or several roommates and save up as much money as you can. Its hard to make it alone in NYC but its not impossible. You just have to really try to live below your means, shop cheap and make more than you spend. Good luck.

Perry Said:

College girl moving to NYC... How are job opportunities? (part time) ? Please help!?

We Answered:

If you're not picky about what sort of job you're doing you shouldn't have too much trouble finding something part time.

Edith Said:

Hey, I'm a college student looking for a better job. Help Needed.?

We Answered:

I don't know. Getting a job at a bar is one helluva way to get a lot of money w/ out putting in a ton of hours. That's what I did for awhile in college. I would go that route if you can find something. Otherwise, I would try and find something in relation to your major that will further your knowledge in what you are studying, then you can put that on your resume. That would also be something you would actually enjoy doing, hence a few extra hours a week wouldn't be that bad. What is your major?

Victor Said:

Free housing for students in NYC?

We Answered:

Hint: Just because you get a job that pays biweekly does not mean you can't pay rent every week. Example: Your paycheck is 250 a every two weeks. The first week you pay 100 for a week, leaving you with 150 dollars. This means you have 150 extra to pay for your 100 dollar rent next week.

Daryl Said:

berkeley college students in NYC?

We Answered:

In order to attend Berkeley College you don't have to take the SAT but you are required to take an entrance/placement exam that the college offers. Berkeley has a very supportive admissions process where their admissions team assists you with every step.

There are a lot of benefits being a Berkeley student one of which you already indicated, graduating in three years instead of four. Your on-the-job internship will give you more experience before you graduate giving you a competitive advantage over your peers who attend other schools. Last year Berkeley’s graduate employment rate was 90%!

Berkeley has a great Justice Studies program and the best thing to do is to visit the campus and meet with an admissions representative to go over all of the information. The process is not difficult at all and the Berkeley College staff are more then happy to help you out, give them a call!

Berkeley College: 800-446-5400

Good Luck!

Norma Said:


We Answered:

The easiest field to get into is fast food. After that maybe retail such as Best Buy, Starbucks, Circuit City.. There too many to list. It's best you enroll with a temp agency and go from there. I'm sure you will find something so much easier and quicker. Make sure you have a current resume ready and also try and good luck and happy new year

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