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Office Jobs For College Students

Joel Said:

How can I(shy guy) compete for Jobs with Talkative Highschool or College student and professionals?

We Answered:

Bring examples of your bes art work with you to the interview. It's ok to be shy but answer all questions THOROUGHLY, do not interrupt the interviewer, smile and talk about thing you know about.

Prepare to ask some intelligent questions about the company and look up information on the company too. Do some research. That always impresses them.

You dont have to be "bursting with personality" but be confident. You want to leave the impression that you are detailed, conscientious and quite competent (for such a young man). Be mature.

Wilma Said:

Jobs for colege students not in retail?

We Answered:

How about working on campus. They offer many positions in different areas. You can go in between classes.

Frederick Said:

I'm a college student from Toledo, where do you suggest I look for summer jobs?

We Answered:

You could look in their local news paper. The link for the job section is

Chris Said:

This there any good temp agency in SF that helps college students?

We Answered:

Sadly most temp agencies are not much help in finding work. The recruiters only care about having large numbers of applicants for each job and to get any work you have to constantly call the temp agency or they simply do not find you work.

In my experience temp agencies are just a worthless waste of time.

Jesse Said:

cheap place to live? warm climate, healthy, jobs for college students, modern?

We Answered:

Seattle just about fufills all of your needs, but consider coming to Seattle in about March and stay till October.
1. Multiple areas in Seattle are meant for those people who don't want to spend too much.
2. Seattle has literally tons of new condos and apartments that don't seem to stop
3. Seattle may be the single nicest place in the summer (not even kidding)
4. Seattle has schools all over (UW,SPU,SSU...) so you can imagine that we are plenty ready for college students that need jobs.
5. Seattle is about as health food freakish as you can get, there are 2 Whole foods, and PCC's (another organic grocery store)
And Seattle is just filled with trees, you can drive 10 minutes from anywhere in the state of Washington and encounter either a hiking trail or a full blown forest.

Debbie Said:

Hospital jobs for college students?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

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