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Online Jobs For Students In India

Harold Said:

Suggest me some genuine online jobs free joining for students in India.?

We Answered:

It is not that easy to earn money online.

You could have noticed this from the websites given by other two members. Wherever you register for online jobs, they will extract some work from you and will not pay you.

Instead of looking for online jobs, try to get some part time jobs in your locality and earn money without wasting the time.

Online earnings can only be possible if you have your own website with a lot of ideas to sell so many things or go for sponsored advertisement etc. Even that will take too much time. You cannot earn anything overnight online.

This is a fact. Stop wasting time online and search a job in reality.

Marketing is the best activity to earn. If you could market the web designing and hosting services, then contact the following website, who needs a lot of marketing people. you could do your job being anywhere. They will guide you with all the information you will have to do - marketing in your area. There is no cheating here but your hard work will be involved and you will be susitable get paid for that. The website is :


Contact them through their Contact page.

Wish you good luck in your job search.

Alvin Said:

Is it possible for india students to have a part time job in online?

We Answered:

Yes, it is possible. But people are mainly interested in getting such jobs thru internet which r free. Such free jobs are available only for the residents of USA, UK, Canada and Australia. What I hv experienced is that those companies dont pay to residents of India. If the residents of India r really interested in getting home based job thru internet, they will hv to pay for Registration fee or other charges. There are many genuine BPO companies in India which are doing this work and when they gave free job, people worked with such sense of irresponsibility that it increased the workload of the companies instead of decreasing it. So they started charging fee to see the genuineness of the person in doing the job. Moreover, when a person's own money is at stake, he works with more responsibility and conscious state of mind. Forget about getting free home based job thru internet which really pays u. Now people keep on searching free home based jobs thru internet and their search never ends. I hope this helps u better in understanding the whole scenerio now.

Herbert Said:

how safe is the online jobs?

We Answered:

Kowalya, I've something very, very interesting to show you.
I am sure you'll like it!

Yes, I know you're looking for additional income opportunity.
But have you ever sat back & asked yourself as to WHY you need it, in the 1st place?
What are the advantages & effect on your life - & future?
More importantly, do you know the difference between "active income" & "passive income"?

Tell you the truth, many people are NOT conscious of this - AT ALL!
Therefore, there’s huge failure rate in online/offline part-time business opportunities.
People do not take it seriously - & give up after a few attempts.

Kowalya, it's important that you become conscious about this, rather than just running after part-time job - superficially wanting MORE MONEY. For this I want you to - show a bit of patience - & read something very, very interesting -…

Through this you’ll slowly become aware of a very powerful (& proven) “home based job in India”.
No investment required.

Veronica Said:

are there any online jobs in india is available???????plz suggest?

We Answered:

Earning money is never easy and always requires at least some knowledge.

Becky Said:

Online job for students in India.Job whcih pays in Indian Rupee?

We Answered:

congrats for thinking of earning while study.
visit this site. you have an excellent opportunity.
wish you a bright future

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