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Online Jobs For Students Without Any Investment

Ruth Said:

am vishal and as bright student of 9th grade..i have to do a project help?

We Answered:

I see your question came from Yahoo India.

I can't provide you with any web sites for a project to earn money. I can caution you to be very, very careful about any such projects you may find on "the web." There are an awful lot of scams and unethical people "out there" trolling for naive individuals they can take advantage of.

I recommend you read this article from the United States newspaper, USA Today, on the subject of trying to earn money using the Internet:…
The article dates from 2007, but it still provides good advice.

You may not earn much money, but offering to do household or yard work or run errands for your family members and neighbors may be a way to start earning some money. Such work may not be glamorous, but it may be safer for you at your age.

Best wishes

Kathleen Said:

How to earn money without investment?

We Answered:

You are quite smart to have backed off when they started to ask for money. Those are scams.

A real job will never ask for money. They will also be more specific about the job responsibilities and the skills you need to perform the duties of the position.

Any type of opportunity that just talks about how much money you can make and how easily you can make it - is a scam. Any "job" that asks for money to start, or to "join", is a scam.

You will likely not find anything legitimate on these forums, and it's sad, but true.

Sarah Said:

Online Job, Part time job for student, from home?

We Answered:

I have checked this blog and I think it is the best blog for Online Part Time Jobs without any investment or registration fee. I want to do to all work of this blog because I want to do some Part Time Job but don't want to spend anything. It is the safe for those who want to make some money through online job.

Harry Said:

do any one know any online part time job?

We Answered:

hi friend
here is a site u can earn money from home

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