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Online Student Work

Dale Said:

Can an intenational student work online? Or is it a violation of F1 visa rules.?

We Answered:

international students allow to work On Campus up to 20 hours per week. it will be a violation of f1 visa if you take any form of employment in US without appropriate authorization while you are in your f1 status.
visit link below for how to apply Off-Campus Employment for F-1 Students:…

Dale Said:

How does the Apple Online Store Student/Education Discount work?

We Answered:

Nope not at all.
Just say ur a student and thats it.

(in japan and other countries its even simpler)

Precicly just say that ur in one.
As much as im conserned when I bought with student price (im japanese) i dont think i even needed to say my school lol.

Juanita Said:

Can someone that is a full time student online work for the IRS online as well?

We Answered:

No. IRS has no such jobs.

Sheila Said:

what are some goood social work /social work student forrums online please?

We Answered:

The New Social Worker is a Journal for social work students. I believe they have an online forum as well. Another is


Kim Said:

How do I can find an online work to make money?I'm a 22 student with many ideas,I can't use my talent as well?

We Answered:

It is all about building your credibility online. It will come. You need to be patient but don't expect it to just come without a crap load of work, man. You need to just keep working hard. Write down your ideas. You can earn pretty good money taking surveys online for big companies.

I know it's not what you want exactly, but it is a start if the bills are piling up. Just remember that no one will take you seriously without some credibility. Keep working hard. Start small and pace yourself.

Jerry Said:

Do Student Discounts (Online) Work For Refurbished Products?

We Answered:

generally not. you're already getting a discount on the refurbished product.

Vincent Said:


We Answered:

Anyones you want.

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