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Ontario Student Jobs

Raymond Said:

Can international student do part time job in Ottawa, Ontario?

We Answered:

For cash, off the official payroll, it is done all the time. You can be sure that the job will be poorly-paid and if you get cheated out of your wages, what recourse do you have?

Otherwise, you need a work permit.

The Ontario government has a website that answers just this sort of question and you are much better off getting an official response than asking strangers such as on this service.

Good luck to you

Jeffrey Said:

Jobs for a student who is only 15?

We Answered:

ok i dont live in canada i live in the u.s. so i don't know what the legal requirements of employing someone of your age are in canada. in the u.s. 15 year olds can't work with money, or work during school hours or past 10 oclock at night. most us companys won't hire 15 year olds (not enough experience, worried about the laws for employing so young), but some jobs here that will hire that young, and keep in mind at 15 you can't really just walk into a mega bucks job, with so little work experience, is bagger at grocery store, newspaper delivery, bus tables (sometimes even wait if they dont serve alcohol). also you could try babysitting, mowing lawns, yardwork or chores, cart attendant at stores, etc. not the best jobs but everybody has to start somewhere.

Claude Said:

How to find jobs Toronto, Ontario?

We Answered:

Bookmark this page in your favorites and make sure to go back to it every now and then.It lists jobs ads in toronto:…

best of luck

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