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Ottawa Jobs For Students

Michele Said:

Paramedic training in Ontario wanting to move to Montreal?

We Answered:

I hope that there is a test for French. I would not like to be attended by a paramedic who did not speak my local language.

Ramon Said:

HELPP FINANCIAL HELP im 16 and im bumming off my friend HELP FAST?

We Answered:

You are a minor, you need to have that socialist structure in Canada help you out so that you can finish school and become a contributing member of society.

Dora Said:

OPP vs. RCMP. Which one to choose?

We Answered:

With the RCMP you will never be posted in your "home Province " that is to avoid you having to investigate and or arrest any family or friends.

The same rule applies with the OPP, except you will probably never be stationed in the Ottawa area.

No one who is just graduating from RCMP recruit barracks in Regina, or the Ontario Police College is going to be doing any "undercover work " . That isn't going to be seen for at least the first five years of your career. You will need to be at least a "first class constable " and have punched all your career tickets, before you ever get picked for any non uniform duties.

If you are NOT an Aboriginal, a woman, or a visible minority, be prepared to have a very hard time even getting past the initial interview stage. Both the OPP and the RCMP have made it very clear that they are not interested in hiring male white applicants now. Their ideal applicant will be a female aboriginal who is bi-lingual.

And also be prepared to have to score higher than the women, and the visible minorities, on the written tests, and the physical tests. They get to pass with a lower overall score than you need to get in.

I'd suggest the OPP, and before you apply, take the Ontario " Police Foundations " course at a community college " to get properly trained BEFORE you try to pass the OPP entrance exam. With out the 2 year PF course, you won't have a chance of being accepted.

Bear in mind that the OPP college course is held a their HQ at Orillia, and that is where you really have to be superior, to graduate.

Many apply, few are chosen, and even fewer actually graduate.

Jim B. Toronto.

William Said:

Filing Income tax in Canada?

We Answered:

You are legally obligated to show 100% of you tip income. If you don't, you're committing tax fraud.

The chances of your getting caught may be slim, but do you want to take the chance for the small amount involved?

Wanda Said:

How do I go about buying an apartement?

We Answered:

I live in Manitoba...but my Sister lives in Ottawa...

Appartments (Condos, really), seem to start in the $100k+ bracket. My sister has a 2 bedroom condo less than 45 minutes from work in downtown. She's selling it shortly for about $200,000. She's looking for something slightly smaller downtown, and is expecting to pay over $250,000...well over.

If you want to start a Real Estate Empire of your very to the folks and see if they are interested in helping bankroll you...

That being said, the two easiest ways to do this are a) buy a duplex and rent-out half of it, and b) buy housing near a University/College campus and rent-out the other bedrooms to students for a couple hundred a month (plus a % of utilities).

What it requires is a Grade-A credit rating (A+ or higher), lots of liquid capital, and a willingness to risk bankruptcy and work like a proverbial dog for the next 10 years to cover all the bills.

You probably won't see a real profit for the better part of a decade, and that will be rather a slim one, until the mortgage is paid off...assuming you don't have any major repairs or applicance replacements to do...or assholes for tenants. Any of these can cause you to loose your shirt.

If you're talking about a small multi-unit building...the 11 suite building I live in would set yout back about $450,000-$600,000 MINIMUM here...and the rents in the building average about 590-600 a month. Property taxes on the building are about $30,000 a, 600x11=6600 per month. That works out to over $70,000 a year before property taxes. That leaves just over $40k a year to pay the mortgage down and any needed repairs/upgrades from...that's not much, when you consider a furnace replacement can run you about $10k alone! Considering the same building in Ottawa would likely run you about 2 millon...

Good Luck!

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