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Ottawa Student Jobs

Kirk Said:

Why did the canadian government take taxes from me when i'm 16?

We Answered:

Quit whining. You'll get it all back if you file your income tax return next spring.

Everyone who works has to have source deductions taken off their cheques. If you were 18 or older they'd have taken CPP off too.

You're being paid from tax dollars. Would you rather they didn't collect enough tax to pay you?

Nancy Said:

What kind of jobs can I get?

We Answered:

Mall Cop
Pole Dancer
School Crossing Guard
Debt Collector
Bail Bondsman
Tim Hortons Doughnut Artiste

The sky's the limit!

Hazel Said:

What are the chances of getting a permanent job after graduation from Carleton University, Ottawa?

We Answered:

look for mentoring and internships over the summer while you're there. also plan to travel. You may not find many jobs in canada but there could be one in texas or florida. Engineers are in high demand just get good marks.

Jill Said:

If I have welfare, can my roommate qualify for it as well?

We Answered:

Yes she will. Just as long as you did not list her on your case.

Lillie Said:

Is the French Immersion program at the University of Ottawa any good?

We Answered:

I was in French Immersion in High school, and went to U of O for their French program. (My first language is English). I graduated about 10 years ago, so probably much has changed.The courses focus mainly on literature, poetry, though of course there is the odd grammar class thrown in.

The professors were EXCELLENT. I was not unsatisfied with one single professor. They were superior.

The class sizes were one class had 3 (yes, three) people in it. Most classes averaged about 12 people.

The variety was average.

I made friends with a lot of the students.

It has helped me greatly with my job searches.


Shirley Said:

Trying to Move out of Province, but need a letter from an employer in that province?

We Answered:

Honestly, I think you need to find a different apartment. I've moved back and forth between three provinces several times and I have never been asked for such a thing.

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