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Part Time Careers

Maxine Said:

legitimate Part- time work from home careers.?

We Answered:

Sign up as a member for this board, they have some GREAT tips and leads on working from home

Ricky Said:

What is a good part time career that I can start to earn extra income?

We Answered:

Stay away from anyoning online.
Daily people are getting scammed.
There was a lady on here that said she worked 40 hours a week for a month.
Two months later she was wondering when she was going to get her $25 check.

Dana Said:

what part time job or careers MUST u be good looking to do...besides being a model and bein a actress?

We Answered:

Sales jobs (like clothes), because people tend to like to buy from good-looking people. Or what about the makeup counters at the mall?

Paul Said:

Part time careers???

We Answered:

Unless it is an occupation like the nursing field that pays very well, then a part time job will not be enough to make a living from. Most of the higher paying fields require a degree and/or lots of training + many years in the job

Harold Said:

What are some good paying part-time careers?

We Answered:

It depends on your qualification and knowledge. One providing tutorial classes and second is doing data feeding which can be done from your place of stay itself.

Hope you get sufficient time to find students for the first job and some company which is outsourcing the job.

With best wishes

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Paket Pulau Pramuka said:

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Wisata Pulau Harapan said:

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