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Part Time Holiday Jobs

Bill Said:

what's the best part time jobs for working holiday workers in sydney?

We Answered:

telesales. call an agency - Kelly Services has telesales jobs 9246 6000

Sergio Said:

What would be a great holiday part time job?

We Answered:

Macys is always good for holiday time work i hear they pay commisions and are very flexible!

Allen Said:

What part time job would you suggest for a 15 year old? Australia?

We Answered:

Target, K-mart, Coles as an accountant can earn you heaps of money per hour. But if you can't get a job in those stores, try the more common stores like macdonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc.

Cassandra Said:

Where is a good place to get a part time job during the holiday season?

We Answered:

Try the service department at different retail locations, especially department stores; a lot of times they hire extra people to gift-wrap items. It's not too hard and if they like you, they'd probably hire you on full-time.

Armando Said:

are there part time jobs for Easter holiday in BE?

We Answered:

Oh, you must mean Belgium. I don't know.

Rebecca Said:

need urgent french help!!a text about part-time/holiday jobs!!?

We Answered:

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