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Part Time Jobs Bristol

Maria Said:

Jobs in Bristol for 16 year old?

We Answered:

Hey Chloe. Well this is kind of a wide question.. At 16 (I'm presuming you have already collected your national insurance number) you have to actually visit every single possible employer in person Or visit their websites and filling application forms.. I have my CV ready at all times (Which came quite handy in few occasions).

Your best shot is hunting at retailers.
Boots, Tesco, Sainsburys, Somerfields, Morrisons, SuperDrug.

Alternativly you can hunt for a job as a waitress? You can try the Docks. quite few restaurants there and they are *always* looking for new staff to fill in part-time gaps.

I am also focusing my jobhunt in Broadmead and surroundings. seeing as you have a WAY higher chance of being hired there rather than in localities like where I live in Staple Hill.

Best Luck,

Ana Said:

Philosophy and Mathematics at Bristol Uni?

We Answered:

I was at Bristol uni from 1995 to 1998 and loved it. The City, the university and everything about it are brilliant. I knew a few people doing Philosophy and some doing PPE. The Philosophy Dept. is on Woodland Road, a nice leafy area near Redland, Cotham and Clifton, the Maths Dept. is off this road and towards St. Michael's Hill.

The pubs, clubs and cafe bars in Bristol are fantastic and there is plenty to see and do as well. The halls of residence are all pretty good but I'd avoid Hiatt Baker and Wills Hall, Hiatt Bunker has a reputation as being the worst hall (usually dubbed Shite Bunker) and Wills has a reputation for having all the poshest most up themselves individuals in it.

As far as I know, both departments you mention have good reputations and the people who I met who were doing Philosophy and Theology (my degree's in Theology) seemed to enjoy the Philosophy Part though because it's a popular subject the department can be quite large and a bit impersonal sometimes, same with Maths.

I didn't meet many Classics students but again the Dept. has a good reputation and its location is good too.

I would say if you want a red brick university in a vibrant, forward looking city, with good teaching and great people, you can't go far wrong.

As for part time work, there should be plenty, especially if you're up for bar work as the city is crawling with bars and restaurants. There is also a lot of retail work available as with any major city. There are plenty of good employment agencies, try Sue Sheppard first, then Randstad, they'll look for all kinds of work for you, part time, or full time in the hollidays.

Good luck, I think you'll love it.

Jared Said:

part time/ saturday jobs for teens. :]?

We Answered:

Not many employers will take on people of your age due to insurance restrictions. It was different when I was a kid I had loads of different jobs at different times.

Jobs I did as a Kid

1. Paper rounds
2. Car washing on weekends
3. Collecting supermarket trolleys off the local estates.
4. bottling up the shelves in the local pub on Sat and Sun Morning
5 Baby sitting for parents friends
6 Cleaning plaster 'snots' from floors of new houses( £1 per house! )
7 Labouring for building firm
8 Helping milkman ( mate's dad )

I'm sure in Highbridge there are loads of stables to muck out(lol)

Kenneth Said:

I need a part time job in bristol please help!?

We Answered:

Assuming you are a student go into any bar and ask for a job.
Not only will you earn decent money but also meet new people and have a laugh at the same time. Ps. I might be a little biased as I am a publican in Bristol. Cheers

Ivan Said:

does anybody know of any part time jobs for students going in the bristol area of england at the moment?

We Answered:

try the pubs, Tesco's, Sainsbury's etc

Claude Said:

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We Answered:

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