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Part Time Jobs College Students

Virgil Said:

Any suggestions on cool part-time jobs for college students who want braces? No dental jobs.?

We Answered:

I have a friend who washes windows, she has a small power washer and a blow dryer for speed, you could go low tech and still make good money. She charges $100.00 for a one storey house and includes the sliders.

Carmen Said:

Part-Time Jobs for College Students?

We Answered:

You may be able to get a job as a part time technician for a cable/satellite company, but I haven't looked into the "part-time" aspect of it. I know you would be paid around $12.00 per hour.

If it's an over the summer thing, there are security systems companies that pay really well. Of course, that would require you to move to wherever they are selling (i.e. michigan, indiana, california, etc). for 2 or 3 months, but if you have no home obligations, then it's great and they pay very well. As a technician, you would make between $15,000 and $25,000 over the summer (you are paid by install, not by hour, so faster work = more pay). As a sales representative, you could make between $30,000 and $50,000 over the summer depending on how good you are at selling. And neither of those are scams. You have to fill out tax forms and everything. The only downside is that a few of them will require contracts that commit you to 2 or more summers, and some of the money comes at the end of the contract (but not all of them do that, and if you like it then it's not bad at all).

How far along are you in college? If you are near an AS level, then you should be able to find an internship somewhere depending on your major. If it's engineering, physics, math, or computer science, then you should be able to find great-paying internships and get potential job offers. My brother landed an internship with, and they offered $85,000/yr for him to come back and work for them (he didn't take the job, but he does have a great job now that he's graduated - but they paid him about $30.00/hr on the internship).

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