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Part Time Jobs For College Students

Bill Said:

fun part time jobs for college students?

We Answered:

i would try to look for a job with your major

but i'm a pizza man - its been fun - meeting hot chicks, strange people. lucky tips + reimburse for gas. why not?

Willie Said:

out of curiosity: what are some high paying part time jobs for college students?

We Answered:

stripper lol i think they call it exitc dancer now!

Charlie Said:

how to create part time jobs for poor students in college?

We Answered:

You might consider checking out your college's Student Employment Office. When I was a student, I worked on campus. It only only gave me experience in the higher education profession, but I also got paid a decent amount of money.

Having an on-campus job is ideal since employers are more sympathetic to you if you need to take some time off if you have to study. They know that your priority is school and normally require that you keep your GPA up in order to qualify to continue working at an on-campus job.

See if there is a job on-campus that might help you to get experience in your chosen career path.

Best wishes!

Eleanor Said:

What are some part-time jobs for international undergraduate college students in Sydney?

We Answered:

They are many good paying jobs are available, decent and professional jobs like

Seasonal & Holiday jobs
* Christmas jobs
* Easter jobs
* Summer jobs

Childcare jobs

* Au Pair jobs
* Caretaker jobs
* Childcare jobs
* Childrens Summer Camps jobs
* Housekeeper jobs
* Nanny jobs
* Nursery Nurse jobs
* Nursery Teacher jobs
* Nursery jobs

Entertainment, Leisure & Sport jobs

* Artist jobs
* Casino jobs
* Entertainment jobs
* Film & TV jobs

And may more try this website

Sara Said:

Part-time jobs for college students with strange hair colors?

We Answered:

any alternative-trendy restaurant will take you... they love having an "eclectic" staff

Daisy Said:

Part-time jobs for college students?

We Answered:

Check for ads on line, campus news papers for a start. Check businesses around campus, Star bucks, coffee shops, other morning type service jobs. Convenience stores, gas stations. They tend to have high turn over, have higher business, hence staffing needs at peak times (early morning). The pay won't be that good, but to find something quickly (before the semester is almost over) your chances would probably be better.

Better yet, depending on what you are majoring in, and how badly you need the income (fun money vs. living expenses), an internship possibly? Otherwise look at part time jobs relating to your goals.

Elizabeth Said:

what kind of part time jobs are good for college students? ?

We Answered:

Paid internships. Look for some of them.


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