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Part Time Jobs For Students In Birmingham

Sean Said:

Please help me? don't understand this passage...?

We Answered:

The passage says that surprisingly, the younger generation is becoming more intolerant and basically more racist than expected. You expect that society will become more tolerant with more education, but it seems that for some reason, younger people are less tolerant of other races than older people. As time goes by, people should become less racist because the average person becomes smarter in society. According to this article however, that is not the case.

The passage tries to identify reasons why people may not be tolerant towards other races as well. One reason they propose is the introduction of affirmative action. They think that this may have made white people more resentful of blacks because whites might feel there is some sort of reverse discrimination going on where employers feel pressured to hire blacks.

Another reason they think people are regressing towards more racist attitudes is the fact that young people have not seen the struggles of blacks to get equal rights as the older generation has. If people do not know of or see the struggle, it is harder for them to sympathize with the cause and therefore they might feel less of a desire to care for equality.

Miguel Said:

what jobs available for chinese students in birmingham?

We Answered:

freelance interpreter
part time waiter
part time cook

Jack Said:

How do I claim back tax after being let go?

We Answered:

In year claim - are you planning on working again because if so just hand in your P45 at next job and tax sorts itself. If you are certain you will NOT work before 5th April 2011 then phone the contact centre. If you are going to sign on that automatically gets the rebvate with the ESA

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