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Part Time Jobs For Students In Glasgow

Olga Said:

Is there a way for me to make some extra money for university?

We Answered:

go to and check it our

Allan Said:

self harm issues ( need help)?

We Answered:

Woah man... you wrote a story... wanna summarize it all? save me reading everything?

ok, by just reading your additional details, you need to not be so hard on yourself. it sounds like you beat yourself up over a lot of things.
im a recovering cutter too.... and it can take years and years to fully be 'over it'. dont kick yaself when you 'nearly' do it. the good thing is you didnt do it. praise yerself cause you resisted the temptation instead of beating yerself up.

i think you need to find someone you can openly and honestly talk to about what is going on for you.

start focusing on the future, and not the past. so many people let their past control their future when they shouldnt. you cant change your past.... but you can do something about your future.

a quote that i love and have taken to heart during tough times of my own is "failure ceases to exist as long as you keep walking" and it sounds like you are walking still... so you are not a failure. you need to talk to your parents. they seem to be really harsh on you too. and that doesnt help you, they should be helping and supporting you, not tearing you down.

find some things in life that you enjoy... and focus on them.

Willie Said:

Where to get part time job?

We Answered:

James, love your city - was there (I'm a Yank) for the first time this February.

While my son and I were there, we met some folks his/your age that had part time jobs - some found their work through their school employment office, another by walking into the hospital and saying she'd do anything - she ended up mopping and cleaning up after patients, but said it was getting better. One of the guys networked through his religious group.

Sorry, suspect the locals would be more help to you, but don't see any answers to your question.

Joyce Said:

Too good looking for a job is a book store?

We Answered:

Usually proprietors view this (attractiveness) as an excellent reason to hire someone and then hit on them. Is he married or have a gf/SO? That would be a good reason not to hire you if he's being honest about not wanting the temptation and you should look elsewhere for a job. If he's not, then maybe that's his roundabout way of saying he's attracted to you and he may not want to hire someone he'd be interested in dating - awkwar at best, bad news at wort if things didn't work out. So again, best look elsewhere for a job.

On the other hand, if you feel you could be interested in him as well, you should return and tell him you don't think that was a good reason for not hiring you and if he really feels that way, why doesn't he ask you out? Or you could invite him out to tea to discuss employment options. Good luck!

Lois Said:

Where can I get a evening/part time job?

We Answered:

if you cant find a real job, try babysitting.

*question: your 16 and in college?? and where is Glasgow?

Melissa Said:

Too good looking for a job in a book store?

We Answered:

Sure it is good enough to not give you the job. It means he "fancies" you and knows if he gave you the job he'd be tempted, which would be illegal, as that is sexual harassment. Your liking him back isn't a help if he is the boss.

Then again maybe he is laughing it off because he either knows you're worthless or doesn't want someone who will have to be worked around because of their schedule. Plenty of students claim they'll be available and they end up being a pain to the regular people.

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