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Part Time Jobs For Students In New York

Valerie Said:

how much can we earn per hour in new york city by doing a part time job?(for a international student)?

We Answered:

$7.50 an hour

Lynn Said:

Those w/experience in retail please help: What should I do with this sticky situation?

We Answered:

This is holiday season. They will be as happy as the big bad wolf would be if you tried to take away his lamb chop.

You need to inform them up front and your honesty may cost you your job or not. But to expect others to cover for you is both selfish and immature. To you it is an unimportant event in your doctor's wife life. To someone else it may mean changing a baby sitter's schedule because this is her living you are talking about.

Erik Said:

I am looking for jobs in New York in part time , because I am a student.?

We Answered:

There are always jobs - many are not well paid but if you are wiling, for example, to wash dishes, there are thousands of small restaurants that are willing to hire without the proper paperwork and permits.

Good luck to you

Claire Said:

Do you know any New York job websites? Ones that contain legitimate part-time jobs??

We Answered:

Gina Said:

does anybody know a website where i can get part time jobs for a 16 year old.?

We Answered:

Try this site, I was surprised, you may be too.

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