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Part Time Jobs In Cardiff For Students

Barry Said:

University - Stay or Go? ?

We Answered:

I would definitely go away to Manchester - it's supposed to be a great student city, where you would be able to make a whole new group of friends and have new experiences.
In Cardiff you'll already know people so may not make the effort to meet new people and won't immerse yourself in the whole student experience.

If you really hate Manchester, or wherever else you may end up, you could always try and swap back to Cardiff.

Be brave and go for it, good luck

Elsie Said:

do banks employ students for part time work?

We Answered:

I have known of many college students who worked part time at local banks. If you can count money and have some computer skills that should be enough. And because you have some work experience that will be a plus. Go for it.

Good Luck

Ben Said:

Should I quit my job and start freelancing?

We Answered:

I work in the design industry at the same level of you and faced the same problem. Freelancing after a year isn't impossible but its very hard, you haven't got the contacts or the experience for people to take a chance on you.
I managed to get about 4 months out of a year freelance working in small places.
If i were you id keep working gaining more experience and a better portfolio of work, while testing the water, getting little bits of freelance, seeing if its viable.
It'l be hard for a couple of months but worth it... You don't want to do office work you'll lose momentum.

Good luck

Heidi Said:

University of Wales, Newport?

We Answered:

It looks like a cool place to study. You'll find a PT job if you put your heart and soul into looking for one. Good luck!

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