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Part Time Jobs In Edinburgh For Students

Constance Said:

should i go out with my ex boss?

We Answered:

no, do not do that

answer my question?;…

Victoria Said:

What do you think of my CV?

We Answered:

Normally I would say put your educational qualifications down first because you don't have much work experience, but your experience is really relevant for what you're applying for so that looks good.

This sentence sounds a bit Oliver Twist/slave child:

'I feel that getting into this type of employment at the age of eleven helped me develop good social skills and punctuality very early on in life.'

I'd go for something like:

'I feel that my experience over the years has contributed towards my good social skills and effective time management, resulting in considerable achievement in customer service and retail work.'

Harold Said:

Can I get into Bowdoin/Bard/Bates?

We Answered:

I think you have a chance. I believe Bowdoin loves students who commit to a passion and follow through with it. Therefore it will be very beneficial to you to show that you are a go getter in the things you love. What it all comes down is giving a goal and explaining why Bowdoin is the school to help you obtain that goal.

I would definitely consider an interview to identify the pattern in your grades. It'll really show your desire to attend the school of your choice.

Joanne Said:

Read my CV? Suggest possible improvements?

We Answered:

I think it is a wonderfully written CV, I would interview you.
I know it sounds like nit picking, but the first line should read
"I am 'a' passionate---etc. Without the third word 'a' it makes less sense.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck

Javier Said:

Is he wrong, am I wrong or r we both wrong? And how do I solve this dilemma?

We Answered:

I think you need to give him the opportunity to tell you the truth, so tell him you want to talk about the future and that you want there to be no secret between you. If he still doesn't admit it then you need to be strong and break it off.

Let's say you forgot about it and got married to him, you will never be able to trust him completely and do you really want to live with that?

James Said:

Working and Studying in Edinburgh?

We Answered:

You should be OK on £18K a year. A room in a shared flat will cost you around £250 to £300 a month and you well need another £200 to meet all your expenses (electricity, gas, council tax, food etc)

There are already a lot of Australians in Edinburgh and there are plenty of part time jobs (although I doubt you will earn £18K in most of them)

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