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Part Time Jobs In Leeds For Students

Andy Said:

Should I quit music college?

We Answered:

You sound to me like you've already quit Ben. Consider this. You have the desire to be a professional musician or you would not be where you are in the first place. Ralph Waldo Emerson taught us that there is nothing capricious in nature and the implanting of a desire indicated that its gratification is in the constitution of the creature that feel it. So, in other words, you would not have the desire unless you also had the ability to succeed at it. So, now you want to quit. I say that ability need to be developed and that it's quite possible that those better guitar players are practicing two or three times longer and harder than you are. Next point. Did you enroll in school to make friends or to learn how to be a better musician? You can quit if you want to but, know that if yo do, you are only throwing away a dream that you are reluctant to work as hard at as the dream itself requires. There are many younger and faster lead guitar players than myself. I've never let that phase me. When it comes to creativity and music theory and sound, they can't hold a candle to me. So, I do what I'm best at. I write music and play rhythm guitar and bass. I arrange and figure out chord progressions and harmonies and produce the music that the other guys play. Without me, they'd all be playing covers.

Cassandra Said:

Getting a job in Leeds? American student? How easy?

We Answered:

before you can do anything apply for your work permit.

Robert Said:

I NEED A JOB. Live in leeds, student aged 16.?

We Answered:

There are vacancies at BHS KIRKSTAL
paperkisses in teh st johns center.
the VUE cinema
River Island
and primark :)

hope they helped

Ramona Said:

Can anyone tell me..............?

We Answered:

in u.k to get a part time it is tough time.

canada is better for studies as well as earning and settlement

take care

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Thanking you


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