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Part Time Jobs In Liverpool For Students

Brenda Said:

Does going to university affect employability for the future?

We Answered:

You will definitely be more likely to find a job if you have been to uni & passed your tests as this shows you have qualifications.

Peggy Said:

can you help me to write a motivation letter?

We Answered:

It is a little hard to understand what you want. This is not exactly a "motivation" letter. Also, you start out by saying you are an undergraduate student but later say you graduated in Wales. Nevertheless, I will suggest a few corrections.

"I am XXXX, a Computer Engineering STUDENT at the University of Tor Vergata. I am 22 years old and I live in Rome, my home town.

EVER since I was a little child I HAVE wanted to travel, and spend some time in a foreign country. I am an open-minded girl WHO likes to GET ACQUANTED WITH new people, cultures and LIFEstyles.

This is the main reason WHY I decided to leave Italy LAST YEAR and live AWAY FROM my home and my country FOR ONE YEAR. I DECIDED to go to Wrexham (a WElsh town near Liverpool, UK) THANKS TO THE ERASMUS PROGRAM. WHILE there, I had the CHANCE to STUDY English. The old Romans were famous for saying “Carpe Diem” WHICH means "seize the day." OPPORTUNITY only knockS once, and I decided to open THE DOOR TO it.

I spent one year there, one year of hard WORK BUT AT the same time A year of SOCIALIZING, fun and travels (like the trip around Scotland BY MOTOR HOME with only foreign people).

Now I HAVE graduated in COMPUTER and Information Technology at the Glynd?r University of Wales and I have HAD MANY great experiences "en plus"!

I think this experience HAS changed me, making me see life from many points of view. I am still in contact with the people that I met there and I spent my summer VISITING them.

As soon as I came back TO Italy, I STARTED looking FOR WAYS to HAVE other foreign experiences and thus I FOUND OUT ABOUT XXX, the association that could give me A CHANCE to DO AND learn new THINGS.

I LOOKED at the LIST OF winter courses but unfortunately I didn’t find a match between my commitments and my interest IN the COURSE topicS until one week ago when I saw this course. I think that it fits PERFECTLY with my interests and FURTHERMORE is an excellent opportunity to improve my professional skills and to gain a lot of experience. Despite what SOME people MAY think, I believe that COMMUNICATION is not only important, it is fundamental to OUR FUTURE LIFE AND CAREER.

I am able to work INDIVIDUALLY or as a part of a team, and I like working with people. I am flexible and open-minded, and if needed, I enjoy organising tasks. I am A HARD WORKER WHO LOVES new challenges AND IS eager to learn new things.

I hope to take part IN this event, which SOUNDS amazing, AND TO finally try AUTHENTIC French crêpes (I COULD ALSO PREPARE SOME delicious Italian pasta FOR YOU). I have never been TO Paris and this could be my chance… so have I convinceD you? I hope so!

Till soon ... IN FRANCE!

Lucille Said:

Can I work p/f time during the summer holidays from my parents address if my parent is on income support?

We Answered:

Of course you can work p/t. My friend was in the same situation. She received income support and her son worked every holiday through Uni.
If you want to be absolutely sure ask the Benefits Agency for clarification.

Earl Said:

need a good job website link, please help!!?

We Answered:

hai friend

the site has many use full URL..
i hope that this will help you....


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techie fun said:

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