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Part Time Jobs In Liverpool

Dana Said:

im looking for a part time job working with animals do you know of any in liverpool?

We Answered:

Type it into job centre plus, i will say i am sure there is a store called pets at home near you they will probably be looking for someone to do part time hours there i worked there for a year and learnt so much, like fish dogs cats rabbits etc etc.

Also type in pets at home into google and see what that comes up with, i am sure you wont be disappointed.

Hope this helps x x

Marlene Said:

does anyone no any jobs for a teen age 14 in liverpool?

We Answered:

14. isn't exactly qualify to get a minimum wage job.
You have to be 15 to get a governmental job (earn $8.50 per hour), in the mean while jobs like babysitting, community work, even helping you neighbors walk their dog can get you on with money. If you dislike helping your neighbors, try opening a lemonade stand.

When you do reach into 15, you will have to write a resume for you interview. You can apply at fast food restaurant, library part time, grocery stores, and a lot more.

It's good that you have responsibilities, so in one year you will have easier chances to get jobs with higher pay then your peers. Since, you have limit to your hours, you will needed to reconize that toyour interview.

Good Luck :D

Larry Said:

Given Guus Hiddink's success at Chelsea, dont you think Permier League manager is really a PART TIME job?

We Answered:

Nooooo. Didn't you know? Guus is actually a woman. He can multi task :)

Jeanette Said:

i will gain enght money if i work a full time in the UNI vications and a part time in the studying time ?

We Answered:

I would advise you to sit the IELS English course before applying to a UK university.

Christy Said:

Part time jobs in Liverpool?

We Answered:

I dont know of any jobs but I hope these are helpful, good luck

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