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Part Time Jobs In Sheffield

Heather Said:

Saturday/part time jobs in Sheffield UK?

We Answered:


Jonathan Said:

How to find a part-time job?

We Answered:

A manipuri Guy in the UK, it sounds great. Hope you have struggled & risked a lot.Taking up such a big step is a big deal and its a part of our life. Im happy to meet a manipuri guy who stays in The UK.
Experiencing new culture will be exciting & challanging. In future, Poor EEMA leibak will need people like you, who has experienced this world, who has the knowledges and has networks all across the globe.
I think you dont find difficulties adapting to the environment & making friends there. I know, manipuri guys wont face any kind of cultural shock.
Im also planning to get there in Europe(Not in the UK) again, to achieve something which i didnt get at my first time in europe.

By the way All the best for your part time job hunting and hope youll get a work visa after completing your studies.
Explore your potential....its all up to you...and thank god that you have a parents who can support you to study in the UK.
but please dont be a dumd A@s like manipuri guys who love to waste their parents money,who love to do GUPSUP & enjoy luxurious life, and at the end of the day, all end up like a SH*T.

Wish You Luck..

Timothy Said:

How much would I be able to rent a decent flat for when I'm 16 in Sheffield?

We Answered:

You will need about £600 a month at the lowest to live in your own flat. You won't make this with a part time job you will need to work 40+ hours a week and still you are 16 which means your employers are limited to how many hours they can let you work and you will get a very low amount. Your only option is to find a really dingey student shared house, my ex had one in sheffield, shared with 5 people it was a complete waste hole and not fit for anyone really but that's all you'll be able to afford with a part time job.
another option is to find a friend to share a nice little flat with and split everything equally between you, these are hard to find. rent on a small one bed flat willbe £450 a month average (low priced wise) and another £200approx a month for food/bills/tax.

Jamie Said:

Part time work... age 16, please help.?

We Answered:

I live in Sheffield =]
have you tried meadowhall for shop assitant jobs? or town?
or try the newspapers and stuff you might find a job there
keep looking i am sure you will find something =]

Margie Said:

Part time job in Sheffield??

We Answered:

Try Meadowhall....

They have lots of seasonal work, like in stalls and grotto and things.

Plus you can get the train in if its too far to walk...

Robin Said:

Im 15 and i need a job...Do you no where i can pick up a part time job in sheffield?

We Answered:

At 15 you should be at school, not trying to take work from adults

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