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Part Time Jobs In Uk

Lloyd Said:

are there any jobs for part time in reading uk ? im 17?

We Answered:

Yes, while recruiting I often browse Yahoo! Answers from my office in Reading, Berkshire which is in the UK. Unfortunately, I have no openings at the moment, Saint Peter is giving me stick as I'm coming in over budget on the wages this year and our turnover has seen a massive drop. I'm holding out for a harsh winter and swine flu to kick in however.

Tonya Said:

Part-time jobs (Birmingham, UK)?

We Answered:

Get the evening mail (Thursday is jobs night I think) loads in there!

Gabriel Said:

Part-Time Jobs in UK?

We Answered:

anywhere really. supermarkets nearly always have vacancies, pubs and restaurants always need waiters, you might get lucky in clothes shops but they employ less people so don't have as many vacancies. good luck!

Jane Said:

Is income from Part-time jobs sufficient to meet our monthly expenses?

We Answered:

Part time jobs will not usually be sufficient. It may be sufficient, however, depending upon your own frugality and financial aide that you may receive./

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