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Part Time Jobs In

Guy Said:

What part-time jobs are available for a 13 year old in Singapore?

We Answered:

I think you are not allowed to do any kind of job until 18. The law will not allow you to work.

Sherry Said:

What kind of part time jobs are there at banks?

We Answered:

Especially if you're working on a finance oriented degree, you can probably find work as a part time teller.

Good luck!

Jamie Said:

What are good part time jobs for a Woman in her forties?

We Answered:

working at an elementray school, for the city at the library, day care assistant, alot of retail places do not require experience and i have had all the above jobs with no experience and minimal typing skills.

Jason Said:

What kind of part time jobs can I find with a bachelor degree in biology?

We Answered:

I used to work part time cleaning cages in the animal labs. A lot of companies also just need a part time person to clean and sterilize glassware.

I would put your resume up on something like and a temp agency will probably help you out. Also, talk to some of your professors...there is usually some kind of job open amongst the biology and chemistry labs.

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