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Part Time Jobs It

Tracey Said:

What are some part time jobs for people who like to help other people?

We Answered:

Hi Jay,
There are some jobs that can be part-time that don't require a lot of formal training and where you can help others. A couple of the jobs I am thinking of are in nursing homes or assisted living environments. I have a friend that was an activity director in both of these types of facilities and she usually hired assistants for PT work that didn't have college degrees (some were students) but did have a genuine desire to help others. In an assisted living environment you can also work PT as a care assistant to the individuals that live in the facility. Care assistants do not require a certification and can work PT. They are usually trained on the job and can even be trained to work in a memory care unit where residents need more help and closer supervision.
Good luck with your search.

Joy Said:

Are there any good part-time jobs for teenagers that I can do every weekend?

We Answered:

Take a look at notice board in malls, library, bus stop. Else you can also check those online classifieds such as ST701. Good luck.

Shelly Said:

What part-time jobs can you get with an economics degree?

We Answered:

Cool shades! Some economists with BA degrees find employment as research associates with economic consulting firms. Consultants advise firms on business strategies, prepare economic evidence for court cases, and develop analyses to influence public policy.

Dustin Said:

What kind of part-time jobs are there in a county jail?

We Answered:

Probably not, considering they are run by the government (which does not like to hire minors). Besides, why would you want to work in a jail? I personally fail to see the draw of working with people who would not respect me day in and day out. But that part is your choice, so, again, I doubt that they would hire you, as you are a minor.

Eduardo Said:

I have secured a part-time, but I know of several full-time jobs available. What's the best thing to do?

We Answered:

If you prefer a full-time job instead of a part-time, let your part-time employer know that you've been offered a position with more hours and you've decided to accept that position. It's not bad etiquette to quit one job for a better one. Just make sure if/when you quit that you give them a two (2) weeks notice.

Ronald Said:

How much can a student earn in part time jobs in sydney? How good a place sydney is for earning & learning?

We Answered:


Please be advised that the answerers above are strictly for Australians, not for international students though.

As an international student in Australia, you can apply for the work permit once you have arrived in Australia. You can only work max 20hrs/week during study period, and full-time only during holiday. Therefore as you can see, you cannot earn very much and you will not able to rely on the income in Australia to support yourself. The regulation is made so the international students focus more on finishing their study instead of thinking abt study & working.

Please do not get me wrong. I do not mind you to come to Australia at all, but please-please-please budget yourself carefully. I have seen alot of my fellow international students have to return back to their home county halfway b'cos running out of funds.

Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and therefore I dun think there will be a problem in getting a part-time job there. Sometime even the university will be able to help you to find one. The only downside is b'cos it is the biggest city, so the living expenses is also the highest, so you have to think abt it too. Most casual part-time jobs pays between $15-$20/hr gross.

Hope this helps. Good luck on your study and welcome to Australia :)

Harvey Said:

In This Economy Part time jobs are the only way to go, but How If Everybody gets them before me?

We Answered:

your right,

few are hiring for full time cause they don't want to have to pay for medical insurance.

Discuss It! said:

You are good to write about the Part Time Jobs. There are many people looking for the Part Time Jobs and it is a great way to earn after your job. A lot of people while studying do some part time jobs for meeting their educational all expenses.

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