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Part Time Jobs London Student

Robert Said:

How can i find part time job in Hospitality in London, UK ?

We Answered:

blue arrow is an agency in victoria, you can google it to find the office address which would give you casual part time work in big hospitality events.

Hotels chains such as radisson edwardian, Hilton Metropole London on edgware road, recruit a lot of temporary staff. Best thing is to call these hotels and speak to HR department confidently about your job and then forward them your CV. Part time jobs are usually available in F&B or C&B Departments of the Hotels, as there you work on shift basis, so you should be trying for those first.

Hope this info helps and resolve your problem :)

Thelma Said:

Is it easy to find part time work in England?

We Answered:

Yeah, you'll get around £5-6.50 an hour, here's some guidance from the visa office
Can I work?
You can take part-time or holiday work, but you must not:

* work for more than 20 hours a week during term time unless your placement is part of your studies, has been agreed with your educational institution and leads to a degree or qualification awarded by a nationally recognised examining body
* do business, be self-employed or provide services as a professional sportsperson or entertainer, or
* work full-time in a permanent job.

If you're on a student visa, you'll be fine; but you might want to condsider which city you'll be moving to, and then looknig up jobs online. Your best bet would be in the retail or catering sector, unless you're doing something like a comp sci degree.

If there's any more questions, feel free to ask, Jess

Darrell Said:

>> Minumum part time student wages? <<?

We Answered:

There are different levels of National Minimum Wage, depending on the age of the worker. The rates from 1 October 2007 are as follows:

adults (which means people aged 22 and over) receive the full rate of £5.52 an hour
a 'development rate' of £4.60 an hour is paid to workers aged 18 to 21 inclusive
young people (those older than school leaving age and younger than 18, you're under school leaving age until the end of summer term of the school year in which you turn 16) receive £3.40 an hour

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