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Part Time Jobs Nottingham

Todd Said:

Why is getting a part time job in Nottingham so Dam Impossible !?

We Answered:

I totally agree with that, just what I was thinking, I live in Nottingham & really need a job too, I'm not really sure what to suggest to you, have you been to the jobcentre? A lot of places in the part I live advertise in their windows so keep a check on that, also what about asking in fast food places, they always seem to need people, maybe it's worth asking in a few of those. I don't think it's anything to do with you being an international student, they're not allowed to be like that are they?

I've found the best place to look is the evening post jobs part on the website, I keep checking back there, there seems to be some pretty decent jobs even though I know you may have done that anyway already. It also might be worth looking in local newspapers (chad?) there hasn't really been much in lately but probably worth a shot.

Hope you find a job soon! x

Leo Said:

Thinking of doing year in Britain on ERASMUS programme.?

We Answered:

5 months in the Institute of Psychiatry in London would be the best option I think. And have good possibility of finding a part time job in London.
Plus, it is shorter than the 9 months in Uni of Nottingham.

Randall Said:

Where can I find out about part-time jobs in nottingham?

We Answered:

Google Jobcentre plus

Christian Said:

I am going to Uni in September and need a part time job that I can transfer between Nottingham and my hometown?

We Answered:

Could be about working in an off license? you could then transfer between branches.

Clara Said:

Easy to find job in Nottingham?

We Answered:

YA is not really the place to find that answer, so why don't you try it and see, but i suspect the answer is no

Vernon Said:

Is it possible to do volunteer work at the Queens Medical Centre (hospital) in Nottingham?

We Answered:

Womens Royal Voluntary Service run the refreshment areas.

Lori Said:

looking for affordable wedding photographer in Nottingham?

We Answered:

Hi, I can totally understand your situation. I'm a Nottingham based photographer and my prices start as low as £300! I also offer '28 days or Free' guarantee so at least you know you'll get the photos within 28 days after your wedding. On top of that you'll get a free interactive DVD with a slideshow and all the images on a disc. Please visit my wedding website at for my portfolio, current prices, and wedding photography packages. You can also book online. Also know that 3% of every order is donated to a charity.

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