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Part Time Jobs Surrey

Carlos Said:

Jobs near Surrey Or London, England?

We Answered:

By your question I must assume you are either an EU citizen or have a visa that enables you to live and work in the UK.
Or maybe you haven't done your research.

Josephine Said:

Store jobs at age 13 [surrey]

We Answered:

Here's the Surrey regulations:
Children aged 15 -16 can only work eight hours and 13 -14-year-olds can only work five hours on a Saturday during a school week
On Sundays children can only work for two hours - between 0700 - 1100
They can work one hour before school, starting after 0700, or two hours after school 1900
During non-school weeks, children aged 13 -14 can work 25 hours, and 15 -16-year-olds can work 35 hours.

You could try a hairdressing salon in your area or one of the local shops. Most big companies are wary about employing 13 year olds because of the employment of minors regulations.

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