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Part Time Night Jobs

Kristin Said:

What kind of part-time evening, weekend, or late night jobs are there?

We Answered:

retail - evening shift usually starts at 6pm
anything food related
movie theatres

Bessie Said:

Suggestions for good/interesting night jobs? (part time, so doesn't have to be a really complex job)?

We Answered:

security guard, night stocker at retail and grocery establishments.

Dwight Said:

What are the best paying high end retail jobs? I am looking for a night or part-time job in high end retail.?

We Answered:

The best paying jobs are CEO and other management positions.
Unfortunately, you have actual sales floor experience so you are no longer qualified for theses positions.

Samuel Said:

Does any one know of any part time night jobs or at home typing jobs or data entry?

We Answered:

Yes I do. Look through places like West, Alpine and a few other reputable companies and apply for one of the positions that they have openings for.

Larry Said:

Where can I find a part time night job?

We Answered:

It depends on what you want to do. Allied Barton Security I believe is hiring security guards. They should be able to get you some part time work at nights. alternately try Circle K or QuikTrip.

Michelle Said:

I am looking for an evening or night part time job, any suggestions?

We Answered:

Talk to everyone you know who may work at a place which may be hiring. Most jobs are found through people you know rather than through cold applying a place where no one knows you. Do you have family or friends who works at any of these places? What about neighbours? Talk to everyone you know and see if anyone knows if their place of employment is hiring.

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