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Part Time Positions

Theodore Said:

Are there organizations that full time uni students into part time positions?

We Answered:

This may help you.
I've used this site for the last few years, gives me extra income, payments are made by cheque and sign up is free, give it a go, I am sure you will like it.

Juan Said:

Can a company force its' full-time employees to take part-time positions and lose their benefits?

We Answered:

A Company can restructure itself and unfortunately can do a RIF (Reduction in Force). However, your brother should contact the local Employment Services to see what benefits are available. As an example, our Company has a contract in Montana and a handful of our employees hours were reduced because our contingency services ended... The State allowed for partial benefit pay out because of the reduction of hours. If anything, have your brother see if he can get partial payout of unemployment because of the reduced hours.

Tiffany Said:

can companies leagaly advertise part time positions as though they have a full time salery?

We Answered:

It is the words after the listed wage
Pro Rata
Per Annum
And a few other phrases

They could have 28,000 before it
But the end wage is often different

Ruben Said:

What companies have flexible part-time positions that are workable around another part-time job?

We Answered:

Yes, Have you thought about becoming an Avon Representative. It is a very rewarding career and you can work part time or full time.


Minimal Start-up Cost

No inventory required

Set your own hours

Complete support and training available for your sales success

Sell through fund-raising efforts and parties if you choose

Receive your own personalized Web site with an online store to receive customers at anytime, from anywhere.

please browse my website:
click on the avon opportunity to get more infromation.

I have found it very rewarding

Connie Said:

Are there any part-time positions for stock brokers or financial advisors?

We Answered:

DWScott Financial has those opportunities available

Jason Said:

what are some part time positions given at best buy for high school seniors?

We Answered:

The pay will likely be similar no matter which position is offered as you are a part time applicant. You are correct about sales and cashier positions. With a sales job you may add to your per hour pay by earning small commissions on items such as product insurance (though I don't know for sure if Best Buy pays such commissions - it's a good question to ask). Other positions might include:

Door greeter/bag checker
Customer Service - Return desk/help desk

Things like that. Good luck.

Holly Said:

does anyone know of an employment agency in Boise, ID that deals in part-time positions?

We Answered:

emplyment agency?

go knock on doors,
go to the mall or grcery store or wal mart or gas station

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