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Part Time Student Jobs In London

Allison Said:

i am comming to london on student visa in couple of months.Will i be able to get part time jobs ?

We Answered:

Yes you can get a part time job. The rules of working on a student visa are that you can work a maximum (not an average) of 20 hours per week and full time during vacations. You can also undertake paid or unpaid work placements provided that they are assessed as part of your course work and are no longer in total than 50% of your total course length.

You are not allowed to take a full time job and work must not interfere with your studies. All education providers must now be licenced by the Home Office and the conditions of that licence include a reporting obligation on students who fail to enrol or attend classes. If they fail in this, their licence can be revoked and they can no longer offer courses to non EU nationals. Since International students pay considerably more for their education than home students, this is a vital revenue to these establishments and they are unlikely to risk their licence.

Dan Said:

I am a 6'5'' male student in London.I want to take modelling as my part-time job.Can I get the chance ?

We Answered:

You would have to have permission to work in the U.K (not just a student visa. and a look (not just height) that would be appealing to modelling agencies. It is impossible for us, who have not seen you, to assess your potential.

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