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Part Time Student Work

Tonya Said:

Where can a college student find part time work in New York City?

We Answered:

Plenty of restaurants in NYC- server.

Marilyn Said:

How or where do i find part time student work in Neuchatel, Switzerland?

We Answered:

Without knowing French this is going to be difficult to impossible. I suggest to contact the uni directly, they might know about something anyway ( ).

Floyd Said:

What kind of deductions can I claim as a full time student working part-time?

We Answered:

You can get your normal standard deduction, which would be $5,350 for a single person, but if you are a dependent of your parents you don't get the personal exemption. As far as expenses for work, only if your employer requires these things. Driving to and from work is not a deductible expense. Also, if you are on your own and able to claim yourself you could get education credit, either Hope Credit (covers Freshman and Sophomore years in college) or Lifetime Learning Credit (years after Freshman and Sophomore) or tuition and fees deduction (for either Hope or Lifetime Learning). If you are a dependent of your parents they would get the credit instead of you. There are income limits though where the credit/deduction get phased out. I have attached a link to education expenses and work related expenses.

Raymond Said:

How do the HUD apartment program works. I am a full time student and work part time about 35 hr per week.?

We Answered:

if you getting 35 hours a week, you can't file as part time employment.

Harvey Said:

Foreign student in Singapore with student pass could work part time?

We Answered:

Singapore is promoting education now and I did read that they would be allowing foreign students to work part time. Do check the singapore education websites for loads of information.

Craig Said:

Want to work in Europe Part-Time (non-student), work visa/permit?

We Answered:

Each European country will have its own criteria. Go to their Immigration websites. Its all there.

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